Beauty: Phytobiodermie power cosmetics

Phytobiodermie - the yin/yang holistic cosmetics in accordance with the 5 Chinese elements.

Phytodermie has the right solution for every skin problem! This energetic cosmetic system does not merely combat the symptoms, but also the cause.
The wisdom of yin & yang and the 5 Chinese elements, wood – fire – earth – metal – water, tackle the root cause of the problems!

If the body’s energy flows get out of kilter as a result of factors such as the weather, lack of exercise, diet and mood, this is expressed in the form of cosmetic problems and figure problems on the facial and body reflex zones. Moreover, certain “typical” weaknesses are attributed to each element. Phytodermie tackles the root cause of the problems since the cause and effect are treated.

In the case of the face, for example, this means that with the reflex zone mask of coloured clay, energies are harmonised, redness and swellings reduced, pale areas better supplied with blood, wrinkles are smoothed, acne and areas with impurities are purged and the cell regeneration undergoes a general stimulation.

The targeted use of clay, essential oils, algae, mineral salts, cereal oils and especially the treatments with coloured products have a balancing effect and help to get cosmetic problems under control once again.

  • Element wood
    • Spring 5 February – 17 April.
    • greasy skin, blackheads, milia, pigmentation marks, greasy scalp & hair, saddlebags and cellulite on the outer thighs and energy circulation problems
  • Element fire
    • Summer 6 May – 19 July.
    • reddening, sensitive skin, hot flushes and transpiration on the face, scalp and décolleté, facial erythrosis, scalp reddening, grease production on the sides of the head, spider veins and arterial blood circulation problems
  • Element earth
    • between the dates 18 January – 4 / 18 April – 5 May / 20 July. – 6 August / 21 October – 7 November
    • impurities, scaly skin, acne, psoriasis, large pores, greasy, flaky and unclean scalp, cellulite, weight gain around the middle of the body and lymph circulation problems
  • Element metal
    • Autumn 7 August – 20 October.
    • dry skin, pale skin with poor circulation, dry scalp and hair, heavy legs, pronounced veins, venous blood circulation problems
  • Element water
    • Winter 8 November. – 17 January.
    • lack of vitality, lack of tone, sallow skin, wrinkles, weak hair, hair loss

Phytobiodermie energetic face lifting

Approx. 80 min.
CHF 130.-- ( ca. € 118.-- ) Duration: approx. 80 min.

Phytobiodermie 5-element facial treatment

Approx. 80 min.
CHF 120.-- ( ca. € 109.-- ) Duration: approx. 80 min.

Phytobiodermie reflex zone facial treatment with chromarhythmic stimulation

Approx. 50 min.
CHF 100.-- ( ca. € 91.-- ) Duration: approx. 50 min.