Ambience – a World Cup globe for each star

In the four-star Wellness Spa Pirmin Zurbriggen, the stage is set for the valuable and much sought-after recreational experience in pleasurable surroundings.

Unalloyed relaxation in a natural setting, enjoyment and well-being in an informal atmosphere, getting the body and soul in harmony is the motto with which the hotelier family delights its guests.

Dining room

Sophisticated understatement in the “Art by Heinz Julen” dining room. Warm colours and stylish accessories are displayed to perfection. Substantial wooden elements dominate the discreet and exclusive ambiance. Extensive glazed areas give the guest the feeling of being at one with nature.

The outstanding cuisine is complemented by excellent wine and attentive service. Choice, artistically arranged gourmet menus are served up by the highly accoladed kitchen.

Stay at the Wellness Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen ... and feel every bit as comfortable as at home, harmonious, informal, with the holiday feeling.

Quiet and comfortable accommodation that will delight you and where you will feel totally at home.

Aesthetics and beauty


Anyone walking through the hotel immediately discerns the identity of the artist at work.

The lamps, designer chairs and tables bear the hallmark “Art by Heinz Julen”.

A day in your holiday at the Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen

Leap from the comfortable bed, admire the wonderful view from the window of the flowering meadows or in winter, the snow-covered landscape, while enjoying pleasurable anticipation of the delicious breakfast buffet.

The delightful mountain setting, 18 four-thousand-meter peaks and over 350 km of hiking trails inspire you to take a walk, while the descent from the mountain in the late afternoon calls for a tasty piece of cake and a visit to the sauna or a spell on the inviting terrace.

Relaxation – as a precaution against aching muscles - is the order of the day: in the spa landscape with herbal sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, wood sauna and much more!