The Zurbriggen family

Keeping it in the family....

The hotel was built in 1967 by my grandfather Alois Zurbriggen.
Unable to continue in his profession as a builder due to a work accident, he decided to move into the tourism sector.
In due course, he attended a hotel management school and he and his wife Ida looked after the wellbeing of guests in the former Hotel ‚ÄúL√§rchenheim‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†
In 1971 an expansion took place. He built the apartment hotel, at that time under the name ‚ÄúSteinrose‚ÄĚ.

Because Alois and Ida strived constantly to offer their guests comfort and the latest innovations, they regularly upgraded the hotel and apartment hotel during their time in charge. In 1977, for example, all the rooms in the main building were refurbished.

In 1979, a new dining room was built.

In 1990, it was time once again to renovate all the rooms.

In 1994, Pirmin and Moni took over the hotel.

In 1995 the new dining room ‚ÄúArt by Heinz Julen‚ÄĚ was built and furnished. Mother and father remain very young at heart and were always receptive to new and out-of-the-ordinary ideas. They, too, were immediately impressed with the tables, chairs and lamps by Zermatt artist Heinz Julen. A new sauna area was opened at the same time.

In 2000, Esther and her husband Fabian(Zurbriggen too) took over the hotel

Anna was born in 2001 and David in 2003.

In 2001, the main building was connected with the apartment hotel via a tunnel. A swimming pool with whirlpool was constructed between the two buildings. A massage practice with two massage rooms and a hairdressing salon was opened in the apartment hotel and all rooms in that building renovated.

In 2004 the north facade of the building gained a new look. It was covered with a glass bay window over two stories containing state-of-the-art fitness equipment. This was also an opportunity to redesign the reception office.

Between the beginning of September and the end of March 2008, we constructed the new SPA area with bowling alley, seminar room, bar and a number of rooms for our staff. Between the beginning of April and the beginning of July of that year, nine suites and three standard rooms were created in the main building.

In 2009, a further two standard rooms were enlarged and the Reception redesigned.

In summer 2010, we extended our wellness facilities with an attractive outdoor whirlpool.

In autumn 2010, we renovated the bathrooms in the apartment hotel.

2012: We open on July 2012 6 new Lofts Spa Suites(every room has a own big Sauna and Whirlpool), new lounge, bar, dining room

We look forward to spending many more years with our guests ...

Esther, Fabian Zurbriggen-Zurbriggen and their children Anna and David