Cross-country skiing

Something to quicken the pulse of every cross-country skier: 32 kilometres of cross-country trails through snow-covered larch forests, along the frozen Vispa river, constantly surrounded by majestic four-thousand metre peaks.

The 26 km-long Saas Valley trail takes you from Saas-Balen (1471 m) via Saas-Bidermatten (1540 m), Saas-Grund (1560 m), Unter den Bodmen (1593 m), Saas-Almagell (1673 m) and Zermeiggern (1705 m) to Eyenalp (1871 m).

Bus-stops are located at regular intervals, so you can ski the whole trail or just individual sections - in either direction, as you please. Depending on snow conditions, a further 4 - 8 km of skating trails are available in addition to the 26 kilometres groomed in the classic style.